My story so far.

A snowboarding injury half way through the season whilst I was living in Canada, meant that my focus had to be put elsewhere. Inspired by the beautiful Canadian landscape around me, and my love for adventure, I started designing and making small pieces of jewellery in the time that I would otherwise have been riding. My curious nature and desire to continuously learn and develop, prompted me to take a silversmith course in London upon my return to England, followed by training with a local silversmith. I fell in love with the complete freedom and creativity that designing and making my own silver jewellery gave me and DAISYV was established not long after, with the launch of my website in June 2016.

The brand.

The DAISYV brand is about embracing adventure, following your dreams and living inspired. Our Wild natural World is the inspiration behind my collection, many pieces with a rugged finish to resemble the surface of the mountains and rolling waves of the sea. My free spirit and love for snowboarding, travel and the ocean is evident throughout the collection and each piece of jewellery is lovingly designed and handmade with these in mind. Made for the dreamers, barefoot wanderers and adventure seekers, each piece in the collection tells it’s own unique story that will last a lifetime, wherever your journey may take you!


Here at DAISYV, each piece of jewellery is lovingly handmade by me in my home studio in England, using traditional silversmithing techniques and avoiding harmful chemicals. It’s also important to me that I recycle and reuse materials as much as I can. As such, everything in my collection (apart from the chains) is made from Recycled Sterling Silver. This is produced from 100% recycled sterling silver in a totally traceable, fully audited process and has a guarantee of authenticity. It’s quality is exactly the same as sterling silver and can be hallmarked as such, but doesn’t have the same environmental and social impact as mined silver, which makes it a million times more awesome! In addition to this, all of my packaging is also made from recycled and/or biodegradeable materials. Any DAISYV packaging that you don’t wish to keep, please recycle or reuse!

For every product that is sold, I donate a portion of the sales (enough to plant 1 tree) to aid permanent reforestation projects across the World. See my One Tree Project for more info.

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