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Festival season is in full swing, so who better to feature this month than Fieldview Festival! Fieldview is quite simply the best festival around. Founded in 2007 by brothers James and Dan Cameron, what started as a fun-time barbecue with a handful of friends in their back garden, has grown into a 3000 capacity, 3 day, music and arts event, exploding with glitter, happiness and funky beats! But what makes it extra special, is that it’s run entirely by volunteers and any profit the festival makes is donated to charities that protect and help the planet and local communities. Cool hey! The hard work, dedication and love that’s put in by the Cameron family, friends and volunteers of Fieldview is truly inspiring.

With the beautiful Wiltshire countryside as a backdrop, a mix of the UK’s hottest bands and DJ’s, as well as arts and crafts work shops, tasty local food and some weird and wonderful friends thrown in, this is by far my favourite weekend of the year! This year marks Fieldview’s tenth anniversary and with just over 3 weeks to go, I caught up with the lovely James and Dan to find out what’s in store..


How are you both and how’s the planning going for Fieldview?  JAMES: All is going really well thanks! Ticket sales are looking great and well ahead of last year. We have got a great line up together and we are all dead excited!  DAN: Really well thanks, everyones working super hard and it’s great to see ticket sales going so well.

It’s your 10 year anniversary which we are all super excited about, what can we expect this year?  JAMES: Ten years hey! Where does it go? For our tenth anniversary, as a team we have worked really hard to bring you a real treat of a line up that reflects the festival’s growth and evolution over the last ten years. We have tried to bring back some FVF classic artists. Submotion Orchestra for example played in 2011 in the afternoon and now they are returning in 2016 to headline our main stage. So our tenth year is a mix of the hottest bands at the moment and a sort of FVF greatest hits from the last ten years.  DAN: Lots of our favorites coming back, Area 139 will be bigger and better, really excited about our new venue – the Smoking Juke Joint – which will run from 8pm till late serving tasty rum and as bands like Youngr and Sping King who have been making waves with their most recent work.

Sounds awesome! What are your favourite memories from the past 10 years of Fieldview?  JAMES: Favourite memories hmmm….. Every year the memories get a bit more rose tinted!!! Favourite memories are seeing people return every year, still really excited and passionate about the festival. That’s what keeps it running really! Musically, my highlights are; Ben Howard 2011, Danny and the Champions of the World 2010, Skinny Lister 2015. So much great music in this country!  DAN: I will never forget 360 in 2012 which was a really beautiful moment in a packed barn and the beginings of Area 139 in the woodland which caused all sorts of trouble. Meeting people weeks and months after the event, sometimes on the other side of the world that have been to, or heard of our little festival is really cool.

The theme is MAGIC this year, do you have any tricks up your sleeve?  JAMES: I heard the world record slip and slide is returning and we have a special Flexitarean Olympic games planned for this year too! The rest is a secret! DAN: We have some magic installed for the mainstage!!

Fieldview is a non profit festival run by volunteers and the money that you do make goes back into the festival and donated to some incredible charities. What charities are you supporting this year?  JAMES: The charities we are working with this year so far are Cool Earth and Temwa. We are in the process of confirming our local charity at the moment! Cool Earth are important to us because through them you can buy acres of rainforest all over the world. The only way to protect the rainforest is to see the value in preserving it. We’ve preserved nearly 80 acres in Peru which preserves traditional ways of life for local people. Just last week Cool Earth posted us coffee and chocolate that was grown on the rainforest we sponsored! That 80 acres stops the encroachment of loggers, poachers and ranchers and keeps a huge amount of CO2 locked in the ground!
Temwa run our phone charging at FVF, all the money they raise goes to their rural projects in Malawi! They plant trees, support formers with micro loans and empower people to become economically independent.

What do you think makes the festival so special and has enabled it to grow into what it is today?  JAMES: Fieldview’s success is down to the people who give up their time to make it happen and the audience that have really got behind it and shared it with their friends. We were only able to grow because people talked to their friends and shared it in the real world and online. We never intended to create a 3000 capacity, 3 day event, it just happened. I think Wiltshire was lacking an event of this kind and the local people and our friends from across the UK really got behind it. Once the ball is rolling anything is possible. The amount of people, who have discovered new passions at the festival and then have used them within the organising team or in their own lives is amazing really. FVF is DIY by principle and people are inspired by that. They see that a festival started from nothing and they see that they can be involved or start something of their own from nothing as well. Fieldview is like a crazy working holiday where people come to use their passions to help a common aim. It’s a great community vibe and it’s something people of all ages want to be a part of.  DAN: It’s 100% one of a kind. Very few festivals get to our size or last using volunteers, everything about the event is unique and thats what makes it so special. No one is getting ripped off, we keep everything as reasonable as humanly possible to make it special for you and financially feasible.

What do you love the most about FV and what inspires and motivates you to come back each year bigger and better than before?  JAMES: I think for me it’s the community. Society is so segregated these days. City living, renting, young and old in different places. It’s sad and makes people feel lonely. Fieldview is a safe space for people to hang out, meet new people and try new things. So when you see that community working so effortlessly during set up, during the festival and then during pack down; that’s what it’s about. Due to it’s size, everyone feels some ownership in the event and therefore everyone makes it a great atmosphere. In regards to ‘bigger and better,’ I think we always want to make it better. We are perfectionists and we always want to improve the festival experience for our audience. Size isn’t that important to us really, although we do need a certain amount of growth each year to keep it regenerating and to allow us to spend extra money in areas we can’t manage.  DAN: Life is more exciting with Fieldview. I have no interest in sitting around after work watching TV. Being able to work, create and learn with your friends, family and the amazing people we meet is a priceless experience. Creating something that brings so much happiness and fun is an incredible feeling. I have friends who live hundreds of miles away and sometimes in different countries that I get to speak to nearly daily. It’s a connection which wouldn’t be so alive if this didn’t exist.

And finally, on a personal level, who inspires you?  JAMES: Oooooooooo, anyone who follows their heart, works for a cause that is bigger and more important than their personal gain, anyone who works for a better and fairer society. Those kind of things.  DAN: It has to be Mumma C. She consistently makes me want to be a better person, to work harder and be more caring.


To find out more, view the line up and buy tickets, head over to www.fieldviewfestival.co.uk and be a part of the magic that is Fieldview! Fieldview 2016 is running from 4-7 August.

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You can find me in the Village area on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday where I’ll be holding my first DAISYV stall! My sister and I will be selling my handmade silver jewellery alongside her beautiful dreamcatchers – come say hey, hang out and have a boogie with us! I’ll be donating 10% of all of my profits to Cool Earth. See below for how Fieldview’s donations to Cool Earth and Temwa over the years have massively helped communities in Malawi and Peru, as well as our beautiful planet.

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